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     The intention of this website is to provide material to encourage one to follow our Lord Jesus free of cost. We are in a battle, and there is no reason that we cannot provide our brothers and sisters with free weaponry, especially considering we are all on the same side. Thus, I encourage the wide distribution of any of the material found on this website. However, NONE of the files present on this site (text, audio, etc) may be resold for any amount of money -- they may ONLY be distributed FREE OF CHARGE.

     While there is a donation button, that is NOT the intention of this website. I am happy and content to spend my time in making texts of these documents, recording these audio projects, and editing them for the sole sake of helping my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I am not expecting a single penny for my efforts here, and would gladly do them all over again without any compensation. I do not want a single person to feel compelled in ANY way to donate money to my project; this is a gift that I have provided FREE OF CHARGE. These are presents that I am distributing without condemnation. I hope that you may find them to be blessings in your walk with Jesus Christ.

[NOTE: Occassionally the 'text' version may be slightly different than the audio version, due to research on how to best render a phrase or word. In almost all cases, the text version was revised following the recording, and so the text version is to be prefered over the audio version.]

Love in Christ,